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Workers Comp Attorney in Columbus Explains How Third Party Claims Work


All Ohio employers must have workers compensation insurance to protect their workers in the event of an injury at work. However, other factors can contribute to a work injury. In the event that someone other than an employer or a coworker is at fault for a work injury, an employee with a workers compensation case may also pursue a separate lawsuit for injury compensation from the at fault party. A third party claim is a lawsuit filed against a negligent party separate from an employer. Each Columbus workers compensation attorney at our Ohio law firm can help employees filing for workers compensation benefits. In addition, we assist with lawsuits for work injuries from third parties. For 80 years, our family-run law firm of work injury lawyers has handled both Ohio workers compensation claims and third party lawsuits. Their experience with third party lawsuit workers compensation claims means injured workers have a trusted ally in their corner. We fight for their rights and explore every legal avenue to gain maximum compensation on their behalf.

What Does a Third Party Lawsuit Mean?


Ohio workers compensation laws protect employers from lawsuits by employees hurt at work. This is done by providing benefits that cover their medical costs and lost wages. Many times, workers compensation is the only financial resource available for an Ohio work injury.


However, depending on the nature of your job, other on the job risks can pose a threat. Some of these risks are outside of the employer’s control. Third party liability claims provide employees the ability to sue a third party for compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.


Examples of third party claims include:


  • The reckless driver may be liable for a motor vehicle accident that happens while working as a delivery driver or in any occupation that requires you to drive as part of your job duties
  • Defective machinery that causes a work injury while performing your job in which the manufacturer of the machine is the third party
  • Being attacked by an animal or hurt on someone’s property while on the job, where the owner of the animal or property is the liable third party

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    Will Filing a Third Party Claim Affect My Workers Comp?


    Seeking compensation in a third party claim does not make an employee lose workers compensation benefits. While the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) handles a workers compensation claim, a third party claim is a civil lawsuit. Judges in District Courts hear the civil lawsuits as opposed to BWC reviews.


    These two separate legal actions typically do not interfere with one another. However, it is in your best interest to talk to a workers compensation attorney near you. You should understand your options in filing a negligence claim or defective product lawsuit against a third party.


    Find Workmans Comp Attorneys in Ohio


    Unlike workers compensation claims, third party lawsuits can compensate for other damages like pain and suffering. The workmans comp attorneys at Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC have a proven record of successfully handling third party lawsuits in addition to workers compensation claims.


    With decades of experience, our Columbus workers comp lawyers understand how to gain financial compensation from workers compensation insurance and third parties. Workers should receive what they are entitled to under the law. Speak with us by calling the law office nearest you or by submitting a confidential online case review today.

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