An Ohio Workers Comp Attorney
Explains How Contingency Fees Work


Most everyone has suffered an injury at work at some point in his or her life. However, workers in certain industries face a greater likelihood of suffering serious injuries that prevent them from returning to work when employers, co-workers or non-employees are negligent.


When people are hurt at work, they are generally entitled to receive workers compensation benefits. These pay for their medical expenses and the wages they lose while away from the job. However, the BWC or employers may refuse workers compensation claims for illegitimate reasons, provide inadequate benefits or otherwise act in bad faith. When this occurs, our Columbus workers compensation lawyers fight on behalf of the injured worker.

How Can an Attorney Help?


Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) has immense resources dedicated to investigating the circumstances of a workers comp claim. In some cases, the bureau discredits a claim or limits the amount of compensation it must pay an injured worker. It may deny a perfectly legitimate claim for something as small as an unchecked box on a form.


Although the BWC often acts in a responsible manner, that does not remove the possibility of a claim denial for unfair or unethical reasons. If the bureau unfairly denies a person’s claim, that employee needs an experienced Ohio workers compensation attorney to receive suitable benefits.


Many injuries can overwhelm the finances of workers and their families. Hospital bills – at their lowest – may be in the thousands of dollars. However, more serious injuries can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in medical expenses and lost job wages.


I Cannot Afford an Attorney – What Can I Do?


In many cases, our workers compensation attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not collect attorney fees unless we gain a satisfactory result for your case.


Ohio workers compensation laws are complicated and confusing. Additionally, neither your employer nor the BWC is necessarily interested in providing you the maximum amount of benefits that you could receive. We can review your claim to ensure that your paperwork accurately reflects the amount of compensation you deserve.


We know you work hard at your job. If you suffered a work injury, let us go to work for you.


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