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Since 1929, the Columbus Ohio workers compensation lawyers with Larrimer & Larrimer have made it our first priority to help workers who got hurt or became sick on the job obtain the best possible results from their workers compensation claims. We also represent families who have lost a loved one and financial provider to a fatal workplace accident.
As committed workers compensation attorneys with offices throughout Ohio, we never treat people as claim numbers. Whether a case demands simple oversight and monitoring or aggressive litigation, it will receive the same effort and attention. Our clients work hard at their jobs, so we can do no less. Call our BWC attorneys in Columbus Ohio.

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Each staff member, from attorneys and legal assistants to clerks and investigators, strive to understand and solve each client’s unique problems. Most importantly, Our Columbus workers compensation lawyers make themselves available to answer questions over the phone, via email, and in person.
Our attorneys ensure each client receives the best advice and representation we have to offer, and we do our utmost to protect clients’ rights, maximize benefits, and assist clients with achieving peace of mind as they recover from their injury, occupational illness, or family member’s untimely death.

How Our Workers Comp Law Firm Can Help You?


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Attorneys with Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC rank among the best workers compensation lawyer in Columbus because we take no cases and no client’s concerns lightly.


Complex laws and rules dictate the operations of the Ohio workers compensation program. Making the smallest mistake when preparing and submitting an application for benefits can result in receiving payments that do not come close to covering an injured worker’s needs. Too often, an innocent omission on an application form leaves a desperate worker and his or her family with no workers’ comp benefits at all.


Our Columbus workers compensation attorneys will sit down with a client from the very beginning of the claims process to ensure nothing gets missed while putting together an application. We also stand ready to pursue all official appeals of workers’ comp benefit denials and to take the workers’ compensation program to court when necessary.

Additional things a dedicated Columbus workers compensation lawyer can assist with include:

Independent medical examinations


Third-party lawsuits against reckless drivers or manufacturers of defective products

Experienced & Caring Columbus Workers’ Compensation Lawyer


The Ohio worker’s comp program offers payments specifically for injuries like amputated limbs and blindness, but those are generally fixed settlements or lump sum awards. Workers’ compensation benefits are not intended to cover injuries or illnesses that leave a person unable to work for the rest of their lives.

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Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is the principal source of assistance for most people who get too hurt or sick to earn a living from a job. For this reason, our attorneys offer the same high-quality and individualized services for SSDI applicants as they do for workers’ comp clients.


If you have suffered a serious injury at work, one that could impact your future earning potential, it is very important that you get representation from a Columbus workers’ compensation lawyer. Hiring an attorney can help protect your rights and get you the benefits you need. When trying to determine who you want to hire to represent you in this very important matter, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


Tip #1:


Ask family, co-workers, and friends who they would recommend if they have experience with worker’s compensation attorneys in Columbus. Using an Ohio attorney is very important since each state has their own workers’ comp fund and administers that on a state-by-state basis. Looking at “workers compensation lawyers near me in Columbus” is a good first approach and internet search.


Tip #2:


Ohio workers’ comp law is very specialized and complex. When considering who you will hire, be sure the lawyers you consider have a strong track record and history of workers’ compensation law. This is not an area you want to trust to a non-specialized attorney. The tragedy of leaving this to a non-expert could negatively impact your ability get the compensation you deserve.


Tip #3:


The internet can be a great resource for your initial attorney search. Checking the Ohio Bar Association can provide search helps.


Tip #4:


Once you have a short list of two to three attorneys, treat your first meeting with the lawyer as a sort of job interview for the attorney. This is a great opportunity to ask specifically about the lawyer’s specific workers’ compensation experience, whether he or she will handle your case from start to finish, and the attorney’s initial assessment of your case. This is also an important time to get an understanding of the fees the law firm charges, and what other litigation fees might be involved.


Tip #5:


After you have interviewed the two to three lawyers on your short list, make a selection as soon as possible. Find a good fit for you and your case and do not delay in getting all the important information regarding your case to your Columbus workers compensation attorney.


Do you need a workers compensation lawyer in Columbus, Ohio? If you have been injured at work, or are suffering from an occupation-related disease, you need a Columbus workers’ compensation lawyer who is experienced and skilled at getting clients the help they need after a workplace injury. Workers’ compensation claims and cases are not a sideline at Larrimer & Larrimer. We specialize in workers’ compensation law to be sure you get the representation you need. We care about you and your case. Get the representation of a trusted Columbus workers’ compensation attorney who can give you the help you need and be on your side in this difficult journey. The professionals at Larrimer & Larrimer can help make sure that your rights are protected. Call the workers’ compensation lawyers at Larrimer & Larrimer today for a free case evaluation at (614) 221-7548.


“I first found out about Larrimer & Larrimer when my husband needed an attorney. They did such a great job for him that when I needed one I went back to them. They are all hard workers. My attorney, John Larrimer, and his assistant are patient with me, and they do all they can to help me and keep me informed. I would recommend the Larrimer and Larrimer, LLC Law Office to anyone.”

Sunny D., Columbus

“I am very blessed to have found this firm. They have made sure that I have received all the compensation possible related to my claim. This is the firm I would recommend to my own family members and anyone else in need of legal representation due to work related injuries.”

Joe S., Columbus

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